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The Stolpman team focuses on making uniquely delicious wines from our Ballard Canyon Estate.

Tom Stolpman
Tom Stolpman

Founding Partner

Behind every great man there is a strong woman. Marilyn Stolpman seeded the idea of creating a vineyard in Tom’s mind back on their honeymoon in 1974. Marilyn believed she and Tom should only invest in something the family could enjoy, and encouraged Tom to pursue his viticultural dream.

Marilyn was first exposed to wine while a UCLA undergraduate studying abroad at the University of Bordeaux, where she studied French literature.Today, Marilyn heads up our estate extra virgin olive oil program and promotes Stolpman wines with Tom.

Tom Stolpman continues his storied Law career at Stolpman Law Group. When not preparing or trying cases, he is the founding partner and charismatic historian of Stolpman Vineyards and Ballard Canyon.

Peter Stolpman
Peter Stolpman

Managing Partner

Growing up with the vineyard, Pete watched the golden brush of the Stolpman Estate transform into rows of vines. It’s no stretch of the imagination that Pete’s life pursuits would eventually lead him back to his namesake roots.

Pete graduated from Georgetown University and took a management job in Los Angeles.  Once again living in California, Pete became increasingly involved in the company’s operation until he jumped off, quit his job, and embarked on a three year wine training program we now refer to as the “Master’s Degree by Tom Stolpman”. Pete made wine in Australia and Italy before returning home to sell wine for the Henry Wine Group, where he was awarded Fine Wine Specialist of the Year in 2008.  At 26 years old, he was the youngest salesman to receive this award to date.  More importantly, he also met his wife, Jessica Stolpman, during their training at HWG.  

In 2009, Pete took over day-to-day management of Stolpman Vineyards. As President of Ballard Canyon Winegrowers’ Alliance, Pete leads the charge to establish the area as the benchmark Syrah appellation in the New World.

Jessica Stolpman
Jessica Stolpman


Jessica grew up in Camarillo, California, roughly halfway between Los Angeles and Stolpman Vineyards in Santa Barbara County.  She attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she fell in love with the world of wine through involvement in the Vines to Wines Club. 

Upon graduation, she joined the Henry Wine Group, where, along with meeting Pete, she won the award for Highest Sales Growth.  After two years at Henry Wine Group, Jessica became the Western Regional Sales Manager for Zaca Mesa Winery, just 10 miles north of Stolpman Vineyards on Foxen Canyon Road.

Pete and Jessica have traveled on many wine research trips together to broaden their understanding of international wines.  Jessica credits these trips to the Rhone, Burgundy Piedmonte, Alsace, Jura, Mendoza, and Uruguay with honing her international wine knowledge.  Sashi, Ruben, Pete and Tom Stolpman all agree that Jessica has brought her formidably refined palate to the Stolpman team.

Jessica manages the California wholesale market.

Kyle Knapp
Kyle Knapp


Kyle Knapp directs the gentle extraction, native fermentation, and aging in our winery. After starting his career in Santa Barbara, Kyle spent a vintage in Margaret River, Australia before joining the Stolpman winemaking team. Back then, Kyle worked 2006-2009 as Stolpman's assistant winemaker before he moved on to make wine at Ballard Canyon neighbor Beckmen Vineyard through 2015. Since 2010 Kyle has crafted tiny lots from nearby vineyards under his own Press Gang Cellars label.

Kyle works hand-in-hand with Ruben Solorzano and Pete Stolpman in timing the harvest of taut, fresh fruit. Kyle Knapp proudly serves as the steward, rather than the creator, of Stolpman's "vineyard crafted" wines.

Kyle is a devoted husband and father of two. He is also a competitive ice hockey player and surfer, having survived a 2008 Great White Shark Attack off of Ocean Beach near our Lompoc Winery.

Ruben Solorzano
Ruben Solorzano

Vineyard Manager/Grape Whisperer

Ruben Solorzano, the youngest of 11 children, was born on his family’s Ranchito near the town of Cocula, Jalisco, about two hours Southwest of Guadalajara. Farm life on the Ranchito prepared Ruben for a career in agriculture, but he surprised even his proud older brothers with the speed in which he picked up the subtleties of vine cultivation.

Ruben has managed Stolpman Vineyards since 1994 and is now a full US Citizen and an equity partner in Coastal Vineyard Care Associates.  In 2006, the Stolpman’s built a house for Ruben, his wife Lupe, and their two children, nestled between hills of Syrah on the estate.

Ruben never stops thinking about how he can improve the quality of grapes produced at Stolpman Vineyards.  From grandiose experiments like Ruben’s Block to trellising modifications unnoticeable to most, Ruben works hand in hand with winemaker Sashi Moorman to make sure the Limestone Hills of Stolpman produce the most dynamic, nuanced, and delicious grapes possible.